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Reusable / Washable N95* Mask

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The mask has a special laminated PTFE membrane embedded inside that filters Nano particles that is
similarly to a N95 mask.

It has been designed to be tough and rugged to withstand Pollution, Dust, Haze, Seawater, UV, Alcohol, Blood and even Chemicals. At the same time it looks cool with its Citrus Lemon color and adjustable straps.

3 Unique features

 – Wash and wear up to 365 times.

 – Adjustable fit offers different levels of protection.

 – 2 Methods of wearing the mask.
Dry Wear – The mask can be worn like any other mask.
Wet Wear – This is a unique feature of SingaMask. Rinse the mask in water and gently squeeze dry. Wear the mask and you will get a more refreshing and cool feeling. (without
makeup please)

Product of Singapore. The manufacturing factory is ISO 9001 certified.

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